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I had consistent headaches, neck aches and lower back pains; almost on a weekly basis. And have had days that I couldn’t get rid of the pain with pain killers. After going for just 2 sessions, my pain have greatly reduced, or even better, my consistent headaches have greatly reduced with just slight pain and manageable. I will continue to have sessions with Dr Tim Foo, as I have achieved promising results. Awesome Doc!

WenJie  C.
Sprained my lower back few days back and been having pain when sitting down, bending and turning my body..

Approached Dr Timothy for pain relief solutions, after the first session, I can feel noticeable improvement, less pain in the affected lower back, also range of movement is better and also felt better with the adjustment...

Very detailed with his explanations of my posture and what caused this sprained lower back and some other problems I have.. This is my first visit but definitely not the last.. Thumbs up!

Terry C.
Great guy, i did my first chiropractic with Dr Timothy Foo and he was great, eventually i hurt my lower back bone and i wasn't able to stand like a young man, whereas i walked like an old guy, after several Chiropractic session. I'm able to stand back like a young man again thanks to Dr Timothy. Great , friendly and helpful guy. 😉

Eric L.
I've been having ankle pains that were never serious but kept persisting for more than a year, Dr Foo has been helping me with his chiropractic adjustments and rehab exercises to rid me of my pain. He's also teaching me more about how my body works in relation with each other, especially because i have scoliosis. I'm also finding relief in places where i didn't feel was an issue before, for example - the stiffness in my neck went away after the first adjustment and i'm totally in love with the mobility my neck has now!

Phui Yung C.
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